At Home on the Bayou

From a series of photographs I took as a special projects class at Louisiana state university. The series was taken with a two and a quarter by two and a quarter hasselblad film camera. unfortunately, the negatives were lost in a move in New york city along with all the negatives I took backpacking across europe following college in 1987.

Island Time

In 2005, I moved down to key West with not much to do. As the saying goes, "The only problem with doing nothing, is you never know when you are finished".  I spent way to much time from this barstool watching this and several musicians that summer before going to rehab. 2006 would prove to be a much more productive year!

Mandy Jane Davis

This photograph was taken the day that I proposed to mandy in Roatan in the bay islands of honduras.

Photographs: People

BBQ at the Penguin

spoted this "cowboy" grabbing some delicious down home Bar-B-Que at the penguin restaurant in fayetteville, arkansas.

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On a recent road trip to Washington, D.C., and then a slow cruise back through the Southeast, I met Michael in Asheville, North Carolina.

Tending Boats

on the pristine beach on Waikiki. Photograph taken in may of 2018.


Maybe not quite a thousand words, but from this self-portrait taken in the late 1990s in new york city, i can think of several

hundred words. the morning of this impromptu photo shoot, i had been out hard on the town. When i returned to my small apartment, i began entertaining some friends with my pet iguana, mister jones. he took a lunge at me and bit me on the

right side of my mouth. barely even cleaning it up as the party came to a quick end, i just went straight to bed. somehow,

i did not contact any south american virus: just a simple case of substance abuse. it would take

something like 17 more years for me to seek the help i needed.

Civil War Remembered

This soldier reenactor  was showing his collection of civil war memorabilia at a show put on by the

elm springs arkansas historical society.

Island Girl

Going for a walk on the island of palau in micronesia, i bumped into this shy young girl, who did not know english.

She did understand that i wanted to take her photograph, and was excited she could see it digitally right after it was taken.

Hula Dancers

Young performers taking a break on the North shore of Ohau.


This powerful image was taken at arlington cemetery on a very hot and humid august afternoon.

I believe it speaks volumes of the service and dedication of our nations heroes.

if i ever took a photo worth a thousand words, I believe this would be it.

My  Nephew and Caleb Stone Davis

taken in 2006, my nephew is now 15-years old, and caleb past away in 2010.

THIS PHOTOGRAPH WAS taken at my parent's river home near springfield, louisiana on the tickfaw river.


Antique store owner and quite the character, Charle, goofing around in front of his storefront in Alpena, Arkansas.


Swimming in Micronesia

Photograph taken from a bridge as a young boy swam from the pacific ocean into a lagoon.

This was on the island nation of yap in micronesia.