Phone on the Bayou

Photograph was also taken at the tickfaw river at my parent's river house in Louisiana.

Naked Fun

Statue photographed in kingston, jamaica, which i recently stumbled across. the original image was taken around 2009.

I recently enhanced the image to the way you see it today.

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Magnolia Mound Plantation

A Glimpse inside this once rural sugar plantation now in the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. photograph taken in December of 2016.

Fayetteville Isle

this bamboo and hammock hideaway in fayetteville just beckoned to be photographed.

perfect place to get away from it all in the middle of town.

Below is some of my latest work. I am daily photographing around Northwest Arkansas, and my wife and my property: Affectionately know as Mount Jackass Plantation. I named the place and believe me, like the name much more than Mandy, and my mother do. If you happen to be on Facebook, I invite you to follow my daily work at I do occasionally sell prints, so if there is anything you see though out the site, please do not hesitate to give me a call: 479.871.5426. That number also serves for Sweet Emotions Counseling, where I am an Art Therapist. I also teach creative and art lessons.

White on White

this photograph was taken at one of the last open fayetteville flowers markets of 2016.

looking forward to the spring and the awesome vendors.

Trail to Hawks Bill Crag

Photograph taken along the trail to Hawks bill crag in the beautiful ozark mountain range.

Rural Religion

Church at Big Cedar Lodge in Southern missouri.

Namesake of Mount Jackass Plantation

Ol' Jake. The mule that threw my wife from him: causing her to have hip replacement surgery. Most mornings I awake to him

staring from across the neighbors fence. Lots of memories with that one.

Crazy Northwest Arkansas Weather

Incredible lightening and hail storm at Mount Jackass Plantation near Tontitown, Arkansas on March 9, 2017.

LIGHTening PROVIDED the dramatic LIGHTing for This photograph taken with a cell phone. Crazy. Even more crazy was the fact, two days before, we had a tornado warning, it has been near 80 degrees, and this weekend, there is a chance of 23 degree temperature, freezing rain and sleet.

New Photography

The Dress

Big Cedar lodge window shopping offered another white on white photographic experience.

Art Therapy Intervention

the above photograph was taken of a sweet emotion counseling art therapy clients work (used with permission). this exercise helps clients work through anger issues in their lives.


Sketch Finster Davis

An early morning, Fireside chat with our great Dane, Sketch Finster. Photograph taken at Mount Jackass Plantation

​Near Tontitown, Arkansas.

The Hat

my hat photographed at my wife and my bed and breakfast on a recent trip to eastern pennsylvania.


someone was obviously having a rough day here. had to take the picture in Fayetteville, arkansas because it reminds me of an art therapy exercise, which i utilize at sweet emotions counseling in springdale. (see the image below).