Working at the Carwash Baby 

Camera captures the washing of my jeep: cracked windshield and all. From The dry safety of inside the vehicle.

Boomerang car wash, Northwest Arkansas.

My Mother's Garden

This photograph was taken at my parent's home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My mother has always had a love of gardening, and this past down to me. She has a lovely new orleans style courtyard, which I am quite jealous.

Abandoned House

From the series: "Broken Dreams & Lost promises", Benton County, Northwest Arkansas..

Copan, Honduras... Hostage Situation?

This photograph was taken in Copan, honduras during a strike on the banks. i made it into a mixed media piece: The image was printed on wallpaper, shot with a gun, and color copies of honduran money was taped to the sides.

Small Scale Skrimish 

Civil war Miniature Battlefield scene of the fighting at gettysburg. taken on a recent road trip to washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas.

Hair Do 

In a Antique store in Lititiz, Pennsylvania  I ran across this mannequin with an unusual hairstyle. new definition of "hip"?


Holocaust Museum: Washington, D.C.

another haunting image: this time from the nation Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C. This is a double exposer of a group of jewish prisoners, and an actual boxcar used to transport them to concentration camps.

    91% Solar Eclipse near Tontitown, Arkansas      Using Solar Eclipse glasses taped to the fromt of a telephoto lens, this photograph was taken at mount jackass: May 21, 2017 at 1:20pm. the original image was transformed with the computer program Hipstamatic tintype images.

Endless Hallway 

Photograph taken at the historic campbell Hotel in tulsa, Oklahoma, while I was waiting on Mandy's surgical procedure at st. John's hospital. this haunting image reminds me of the movie, the shinning with jack Nicholson 

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The photographic images on this page have been manipulated in photoshop or with a application called Hipstamatic TinType. Over the past six months, this has been the direction my photography has taken me. That said, I still love crisp, clean color and black and white photography. I hope that you will enjoy this section, as I believe these ordinary images have truly been brought to life utilizing different effects. They really are fun to develop. If you have a few minutes, and are on Facebook, I invite you to follow our page, where I post images and articles on a daily basis. That address is

A Favorite Pastime

My wife, and Devious Design's marketing coordinator, involved in one of her favorite pastimes: Shopping. Pictured here at the

stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas goofing around, and having fun!

Garden Still life 

Our garden in Osceola, wisconsin featured hanging galvanized tubs along with a multitude of various flowers and ferns.

My Mother-In-Law's Fireplace Mantel

Further north, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, My wife, and Devious Design Vice president's mother is an interior designer. She has a talent for keeping the design of her and my wife's father's house beautiful, lively, and full of fresh ideas. 

Experimental Photography

My Honey's Honey

Devious design's, Mount Jackass Brand: My Honey's Honey. Local, natural, unfiltered honey from our hives near tontitown, Arkansas. A sweet treat. we sell the honey for $12 per pint. for more information see the beekeeping tab on this site, or give us a call: 479-871-5426.

"Please Don't Chase the Clouds... Pagodas."

This photograph is unique from others on this site. It was taken in 1987, while in College at Louisiana State University. It is captured

on Black and White infrared film. the image was also selected to be exhibited in a showcase of louisiana photographers, and

written up and featured in the baton rouge morning advocate newspaper.


Chicken Coop Fan

On the property adjacent to Mount Jackass plantation once stood one of the many chicken coops dotting Northwest arkansas. Abandoned prior to Mandy and I moving in, it was torn down this past year. Before that happened, this was one of several haunting images I snapped there.