Palau, Micronesia. 2009

no interest in meat products

Palau, Micronesia. 2009

cajun family time

South Louisiana. Part of a series of twenty. 1987

a day in the island life

Antigua, West Indies. 2006

citi bike

New York City. 2009

"Dogs: not my own". Photo series.

Series of 21. Eight shown. Dogs from NYC, Dallas, Honduras, New Orleans, Yap Island, 2007-2013

Safari Lounge

Somewhere in the Florida Keys, 2005

Colored bayou

Tickfaw River, near Springfield, LA, 2010

Snowfall in canyon

Near Sedona, AZ, 2011

Fill'er up!

Somewhere near Austin, Texas, 2006.

Mist meets red rocks

Near Sedona, AZ, 2011


Yap Island, Micronesia, 2009

Betel Nut girl

Betel Nut chewing produces a mild stimulate sensation. Used through much of Asia,

it is the third most used drug: Behind tobacco and alcohol. The constant use throughout the day cause damage to teeth. When the elder's teeth fall out, they mix ground up nut in drinks. 

Yap Island, Micronesia, 2009

evening storm Approach

Near Key Largo, FL 2010

Pacific innocence

Young girl and boys (above and below) on Palau Island, Micronesia, 2009

mandy's awe

This is a actual size replica which show how the Mayan ruins originally were painted.

 Copan, Honduras, 2011

cowboy up!

Rodeo of the Ozarks. Springdale, Arkansas. 2014.

the chase

Anthony's Key, Bay Islands, Honduras, 2011

Ring of Fire

Fire dancer. Anthony's Key, Bay Islands, Honduras, 2011.

time to hang up the bottle

Somewhere near Pea Ridge, Arkansas. 2013.

Woman's Best friend

Our Great Dane Sketch and Mandy at Interstate Park near Osceola, WI, 2011.

Face of addiction

Kenneth Davis Self-Portrait the morning after being bit in the face

by his Iguana named Mr. Jones, NYC, 1991.

After 26 years of alcohol and drugs, I have been sober since May 5, 2006.

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Road Trip

Northwest Arkansas to New Orleans, 2013

Two Generations

Property adjoining Mount Jackass Plantation. Near Tontitown, Northwest Arkansas. 2014.

Awaiting Mom's return from the hospital

Mount Jackass Plantation. Near Tontitown, Arkansas.

Twilight in the gardens

Lilly in the gardens of Mount Jackass Plantation, Near Tontitown, Northwest Arkansas. 2014.

Making the mundane magical

Photo series from various locations.